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is expected when james holmes returns to court. >> reporter: the suspected shooter can expect to face a laundry list of charges, court documents show that prosecutors anticipate filing 12 counts of first degree murder, numerous counts of attempted first degree murder and other charges against suspected shooter. james holems will be escorted from the colorado jail cell where he is held in solitaire confinement in to a courtroom monday, expected to be formally charged. the 24 year old is suspected of gunning down dozens of people killing 12 and jewing dozens more. the case -- injuring dozen more. holmes says the contents of a package he mailed to his psychiatrist prior to the attacks are privileged. authorities seized the package as evidence. >> basically had to do with when a patient states a clear and imminent danger to a specific person, we have an obligation to warn the person, warn family members, people might be related to them and also the authorities. >> reporter: as holmes public defender builds the cases, families are holding funeral and memorial services. those who lost lifes
headquarters in the hours after the shooting, james holmes was staring at the wall and he used evidence bags placed over his hands as hand puppets. a team of lawyers spent 90 minutes on tuesday inside the cinema in aurora. crews started setting up a fence around the building and people are flocking to a memorial for the victims. now survivors are offering new details about that night. they say the gunman stalked around the theater and targeting people. he is accused of stockpiling weapons that police say he used to kill 12 people and wound 58 others. and the actor who played batman visited the shooting victims and some of the broncos visited some of the victims as well. >> this is our community. we have to come together during this time. >> reporter: they are coming together to support one another in this time of tragedy. this is a smaller city outside of denver, they are kind of gathering and rallying around this. what about james holmes? >> reporter: we have learned that he will be charged on monday and prosecutors say they may seek the death penalty. >> thank you for that time. and some g
at a colorado theater on july 20th. james holmes faces 142 counts including 24 counts of first- degree murder. the judge banned cameras but witnesses say the accused mass murderer still had the red hair. he he spoke for the first time when the judge asked if he wanted to waive his right to a speedy trial. to that holmes simply responded yes. now as the case moves forward there's sad news about one of the victims. ashley moster who lost her 6- year-old daughter suffered a miscarriage and is now speced to be paralyzed. -- expected to be paralyzed. >> i felt resentment that anybody could take away someone's life for just going to the movies. and i also felt sorry for him in the sense that here was a brilliant person that could have done a lot of good but what went wrong? >> as expect by the analysts attorneys argued bag and forth over the not book holmes allegedly mailed to the sigh kai strift -- psychiatrist whether or not that could be used as evidence a judge will make a decision in august. >>> the crofton man aduesed of threatening to open fire at a workplace is seeing doctors for -- accused
at a packed movie theater will face a judge monday. james holmes could be charged with first degree murder which carries the possibility of the death penalty in colorado. police are not commenting on apossible motive but there's evidence of calculation and deliberation. leading up to the rampage. 12 people died and dozens more recovering from injuries hahned by what they experienced. >> i thought i was -- hahned by what they experience night thought i was dying and going to fade away. >> reporter: this is expected to be a emotional week in aurora as families prepare to bury loved ones. the prosecution will continue to build the case against holmes and figure out what charges they will file against him. the list of charges will likely be extremely long. reporting live, renee marsh. >> thank you. the movie studios are waiting until later this morning to report the official figures from the new opening weekened. numbers were delayed out of respects from the victims of the shooting massacre i'm cord together "new york times," the dark knight rises is estimated to be around $162 earned from the
. yesterday we got ow fist lack at the man accused in the shootings. james holmes, his hair dyed red, appearing dazed. he will be charged next monday. prosecutors say they are considering the death penalty. >>> you lost power for days, some for a week after the nasty run of storms. this morning, linda so is middl some people there say it was not the power outage but the result of too many trees. >> reporter: they are blaming it top county. we are here in middle river. this is where the problem area is. at the bottom of the street in an area that's owned by the county. people who live here say the county has not maintained the trees that sit on the property and it's one of the trees that fell during the storm that caused the massive outage in the area. the storms swept through in early july, the power was out for 7 days in the community because of that big tree that fell on the power lines. that tree came from a wooded area owned by the county. people say there are big trees on the piece of county owned land. they have been calling about the problem for years. they sent inspectors in
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5